8 Golden Safety Rules

The safety policy states that people will not be injured and no accidents The golden safety rules cover the following activities: Remember this in the 8 activities of the Golden Rule. • All of us who work for or on behalf of BP are responsible for our safety and that of those around us. • Do not perform work without a pre-workplace risk assessment and a safety discussion appropriate to the level of risk. • Only undertake work for which you are trained, competent, medically fit and sufficiently rested and awake. • Use technical controls, work practices and personal protective equipment based on the risk assessment and site requirements. • Check if a contingency plan is in place before you start work. • Report security incidents or near misses immediately to the relevant BP contact. • If there is a change in the planned work, stop the work until the change is resolved by a change management process and approved by the competent authority. • Every member of the workforce has the obligation and authority to stop unsafe work. BP`s safety policy states that people are not injured and no accidents occur. Anyone who works for or on behalf of BP is responsible for their safety and that of those around them.

Working at heights of two meters (6 feet) or more above the ground can only be continued if. Any insulation of energy systems; mechanical, electrical, process engineering, hydraulics and others, can only be continued if. All categories of vehicles, including autonomous mobile equipment, can only be used. A permit must be obtained before performing work that involves access to confined spaces, work on energy systems, soil disturbance in locations where buried hazards may exist, or hot work in potentially explosive atmospheres. Lifts equipped with cranes, hoists or other mechanical lifting devices only start if. Develop a work plan that clearly sets out the timing of the changes and any controls to be implemented with respect to: Entry into a confined space can only be continued if. Work resulting from temporary and permanent changes in the organization, personnel, systems, processes, procedures, equipment, products, materials or substances, as well as in laws and regulations may only be continued if a change management process is completed, including, where appropriate. Work that involves an artificial cut, cavity, trench or depression on the surface of the Earth created by the removal of the Earth can only be continued if.


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